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Author, software architect launches solution to information overload

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Patrick Magee releases SmartMenu, Windows program that serves as information repository hub

BELLEVUE, WA - 3/29/2016(PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Patrick Magee, founder of Inc and author of “Brain Dancing,” has released a new Windows application, SmartMenu, that serves as a portal for accessing a user’s frequently used information repositories.

The SmartMenu information portal, which retails for $9.95, can be customized to streamline access to a variety of search engines. SmartMenu's can be created that launch searches against multiple related websites simultaneously, or that quickly look up data in line of business enterprise applications. An enterprise version of the software, which costs $48 per year, allows IT departments to create and deploy sets of "Smart" menu items based on an employee’s role or team.

Users are able to combine four different kinds of searches, browser-based, command line, SQL database and dynamically populated data-driven menu items.

“Being able to jump to a specific item on frequently used line of business sites, such as an order number or bug id, directly from SmartMenu is so much faster,” Magee said. “early users loved the product even when they had to right-click on a system tray icon. Now all they have to do is press the Ctrl+Windows key combination.”

The UI is based on the more than five years of research that went into writing Magee’s book, “Brain Dancing”, available in Kindle format on for free 3/30-4/2/2016. “Brain Dancing” examines metacognition, or learning about how people learn, think and innovate, and gives readers a glimpse at the mental software that runs their brains. Metacognitive strategies are enhanced by optimizing mental clarity and by aligning metalearning processes with fundamental principles governing brain/mind interactions.

In addition to searching, SmartMenu allows users to task switch faster by creating groups of items that can be opened all at once. Traditional Windows start menu's are organized around programs and files. SmartMenu increases user productivity by providing the ability to align information access based on project, task or work mode.

“I use SmartMenu's project feature to streamline my daily workload. One click and all my spreadsheets, documents, websites and folders pertaining to a project open, saving me time and effort. It's amazing!”  - Willie McClure, CEO, Datarim, Inc
Magee is a 14-year veteran of Microsoft, is named as co-inventor on three Microsoft patents and his 200+ consulting clients range from Boeing to US Bank and Westin Hotels.

More information is available at, by emailing, or by calling (206) 659-7103.® is a registered trademark of Inc.

A YouTube video introduction is available at

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