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Aussie Pack Subscription service delivers Australian food favorites anywhere in world

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A new subscription service caters to the cravings of Australians living aboard – and anyone who simply enjoys eating like an Aussie. The service, Aussie Pack, delivers a monthly selection of favorite foods from the Land Down Under.

For $49.95 a month, Aussie Pack ships popular food products from Australian confectioners and snack makers like Cadbury, Golden Circle, Arnott’s and Allen’s – to name a few – to anywhere in the world. The subscription fee includes postage.

Aussie Pack, which launched this month, is the creation of Jenny McShane and Russel Bary of Brisbane, Australia.

“As a fellow expat, I know how difficult it was to go without those Australian treats. I used to order at great expense a small amount of Australian-made confectionery to keep my kiddies happy while we lived in London,” McShane said. “So suffer no more, expats – Aussie Pack to the rescue!”

Aussie Pack will deliver a different selection of nonperishable goodies each month.

“Aussie Pack is here to help long-suffering fellow Australians experiencing Aussie food withdrawal,” Bary said. “They’ll get to enjoy delicious Aussie treats like TimTams, Freddos, Caramello Koalas, Mint Slices, Cherry Ripe, Flakes, Milo and other yummy goodies.”

Signing up for the service is simple at Monthly and annual subscriptions are offered, and Aussie Pack accepts credit cards and PayPal.

In addition to supplying foods known to all Australians, the subscription service will help Aussie foodies discover some lesser-known delicacies from the continent.

“We will feature some of the smaller Australian food-makers in the coming months, giving you a chance to try out some new products and discover new favorites,” McShane said.

Aussie Pack shipments will feature Australian-made condiments, sauces and native foods like Vegemite and peanut butter. Many of the goods featured in Aussie Packs are difficult or impossible to find outside the island nation.

Aussie Pack sends out its boxes of goodies in the middle of each month and subscribers will be notified when their Aussie Packs have been shipped. Depending on where in the world a shipment is sent to, it will take up to 21 days to arrive.

Each shipment will contain full-size products, not sample portions. The selection of products will be a surprise each month, McShane said, but Aussie Pack also offers personalized boxes for those who want a particular brand of products shipped to them. Prices will vary depending on what products are requested. Customers can arrange a personalized Aussie Pack by contacting

McShane and Bary also welcome suggestions from subscribers on products they’d like to see featured in future Aussie Pack shipments.

For more information about the service, go to

5 Australian chocolate bars chocolate lovers must try

These delicious chocolate treats are just a few of the popular Aussie-made food products that Aussie Pack subscribers will enjoy:

TimTam: A two-layered, crunchy malted-chocolate biscuit with cream in the middle. Made by Arnott’s, TimTam has been an Aussie favorite since the 1960s. In addition to the original milk chocolate TimTams, Arnott’s also makes dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel and double-coated varieties.

Freddo: This popular children’s candy is a chocolate bar molded into the shape of a cartoon frog. Originally introduced in 1930 by the MacRobertson’s chocolate company in Australia, it’s now part of Cadbury’s product line. A similar Cadbury product, Caramello Koala, is a chocolate bar shaped like a cartoon koala with a caramel center.

Cherry Ripe: One of Australia’s oldest chocolate bars, introduced by MacRobertson’s in 1924, Cherry Ripe is still one of the country’s best-selling candies. Cherries and coconut are coated in dark chocolate.

Mint Slice: Made by Arnott’s, the second-largest producer of snack foods in Australia, this round chocolate cookie is topped with mint cream and coated in dark chocolate.

Flake: This unique Australian treat was invented in 1920 by a Cadbury worker who noticed that the excess chocolate that spilled out of the molds used to make candy bars formed a delightful texture when cooled. The delicate strands of crumbly milk chocolate can be enjoyed in the form of the Flake bar or as an ice cream topping called Flake 99.

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