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ARE YOU HARD-WIRED TO BABBLE? A New Public Speaking Program Can Tell if You Are


Lakewood-based Effective Presentations, a leader in corporate presentation skills training, video marketing, and leadership skills development throughout the country, has launched "Effective Communication Skills," a new program that helps clients identify their unique communication style in order to better connect with and motivate their audiences.

"Effective Communication Skills is a really exciting addition to our already popular catalogue of workshop and training programs," says Effective Presentations President Mike Fruciano. "Over the past several years, we've been working to perfect a mapping system that actually allows us to identify a client's exact communication style through a simple 10-minute assessment. With this information, we can tailor our training to magnify a client's strengths and know exactly how we can help them overcome their weaknesses."

An estimated 75 percent of Americans suffer from glossophobia, or a fear of public speaking. Through its comprehensive and interactive training workshops, Effective Presentations helps people overcome their fear and develop strong public speaking and presentation skills critical to business success. The company travels to cities across the country to deliver its hands-on training to companies of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies such as 3M, Pepsi, and IBM.

With the data they collect through "Effective Communication Skills," Fruciano's team can take their training one step further, to pinpoint a person's communication style. This information not only provides insight into why someone communicates the way they do; it also allows the individual to use their style to their advantage to win over audiences.

"There are seven modes of communication, and people are wired to communicate within two or three of them," Fruciano explains. "This is really important to know because once we can identify which of the seven modes they fall within, we'll know how that person is naturally programmed to communicate with others. Instead of training them to fit into an ideal communication method, we'll be training them to fit their own ideal communication method. It will help them overcome their fear of public speaking and create presentations that have a lasting impact.

"Knowing your audience—who they are and what motivates them—is still really important if you want to connect with them in a powerful way, and we teach this in all of our workshops," Fruciano continues. "But knowing yourself and how you communicate is just as important. The two go hand-in-hand: When you match your natural communication style to the communication methods the audience responds to, the result is a spectacular presentation everyone will love."

For more information on Effective Presentations' products and services, including the new "Effective Communication Skills" program, visit

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