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ANTIMASS is a revolutionary copyright system powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The market for sharing and protecting intellectual property is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. We are aiming to shape it. Our revolutionary copyright system will allow people around the world, as well as small companies to protect their ideas from being stolen and misused. We are building a copyright database to keep track of our users as a method of proving intellectual property belongs to the owner. The current state of protection of ideas in the United States and similar countries involves a lengthy and outdated method of filing paperwork and submitting unnecessary data, taking over twenty-one months to copyright and five months to publish. This process involves each and every application to be individually and painstakingly reviewed, however, thanks to the advent of blockchain technology, a new and revolutionary system can be brought to light, taking control of such an important and valuable industry, while innovating and bettering the process.

Our ANTIMASS tokens are required as a small fee in order to file for copyright. This fee will be minuscule compared to the thousands of dollars currently needed to protect one’s own ideas. Further, the fee will be used as payment for the miners of the ERC-20 token, who will be verifying the integrity of each and every application of protection. We are building a database with all current protected intellectual properties, constantly being updated with the United States Patent Office and other world-wide departments. The miners will run computational algorithms, trying to match the data from the application to our database to ensure the idea is genuine and never before claimed by any person or company.

There is an enormous, valuable market for sharing and protecting ideas around the world, we are aiming to shape and innovate it.

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