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Amazing Afro-beat/Afro-pop record is released by Liberian-American Artist/Producer MEZONIC

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Afro-beat & Dancehall is becoming the new sound on U.S.A radio


Dah LehVo is the Liberian way of saying, that's level.  MEZONIC had a conversation with his brother and two other childhood friends about the current state of Liberia along with several other issues concerning the current U.S.A elections.  MEZONIC stated that he saw an interview with a guy who was claiming to be former President Bill Clinton's son.  MEZONIC’S brother and friends interrupted right in the middle of that discussion and said, "Dah LehVo"; meaning, the guy who was claiming to be the son of President Bill Clinton was telling a lie or he had received monies from Donald Trump's campaign to sabotage the Clintons.  
After that, MEZONIC was inspired to make a song about the phrase, Dah LehVo. This could mean someone who is about scamming people, someone who is actually moving up into a better financial status, someone who is doing a small business, or it could be a person who is all about bragging about what they have (material things) but in most cases, scamming people out of money is where the focus is with this phrase. 
As a conscious International Hip-Hop Artist, MEZONIC used metaphors to make people think about their actions.  Production credit goes to Big Hich & mixing & mastering by Audio Mix Group.
For people who are not familiar with HIPCO rap music, this is simply rap music with Liberian colloquial. The instrumental is a very current sounding Afro-pop or Afro-beat. 
It almost seem like the mainstream hip-hop industry is leaning more toward Afro-pop/Dancehall Music; ie. Drake's One Dance, Rihanna's Work, Drake's Controller etc...
 If you're new to this sound, download this song and take a piece of Liberia anywhere you live or travel around the world! Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy Dah LehVo by MEZONIC!!!

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