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aladdinpro - Document Expiry Reminder App Crosses 5000 users

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Dealing with information is an aggressive business. Like many businesses, “organization” is the utmost priority. To fully be a self-sufficient, you must learn how to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible. Many things in today’s world are made to boost productivity. All that information has to be organized in some fashion. 

Although calendars and reminder apps help us quite a bit, we are still limited by the ability an individual's availability and efficiency to manage dates through these apps. Moreover if you’re to keep track of document expirations by these methods, there isn’t any efficient ways to view your document and expirations in a single location.

Aladdinpro addresses this very problem of tracking document expirations by allowing you to store, manage and track expirations and renewals in one holistic dashboard. Aladdinpro can also help your team work in a collaborative manner by providing different levels of access privileges. 

Vikas Mohandas, a solo entrepreneur who runs an Orange Interactive, a digital agency in Dubai speaks about how aladdinpro helps him tackle his service contract and AMC woos. 

“My team is distributed across 3 continents and I always had problems keeping up with payment schedules, amcs and document expirations. Aladdinpro solves this problem and helps me view, delegate and collaborate upcoming reminders with my team. Now I can see everything on my phone and it sends me push notifications when something needs my attention”

Technocrats Vijith Sivadasan and Firos Chemman met in school at a science fair, and their quest to build something intuitive ended up in an app helping students network and discuss career related aspects.  It did not do well because of the complexity of the idea and limited marketing opportunities online back then. This failure did not deter them to think of technological innovations for life's simple problems. Now successful entrepreneurs based in the US, their solution to the question of tracking document expirations is aladdinpro and it has stamped its popularity by way of more than 5000 users now. 

 aladdinpro is hosted on AWS, ensuring seamless connectivity and access for your team. Data communication is secured through SSL so you don’t have to worry about your data security.. There is regular data backups and the app is hosted in multiple availability zones ensuring business continuity in case of catastrophes.

They say dates are stored in a tiny, isolated space in our brain and  when you have to remember a lot of them, your brain automatically discards less important dates and remembers more relevant ones.. Aladdinpro team seeks to solve this problem and has made it free  for personal use. Head over to and to claim your free account.

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