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Achor Points: Biblical Meditations for Real Life

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Anchor Points is introducing a unique approach to Biblical meditation with its new website. Its goal is to make the Word of God more accessible to Christians who have struggled with integrating the scriptures into their everyday lives.  Anchor Points presents selected Bible verses in an easy to use format that facilitates both memorization and meditation on the Word.  These downloadable “meditations” are both scripturally sound and musically inviting.   

Biblical meditation focuses on God and his Word.  It stands in stark contrast to the meditations of the east in almost every point.  For example, Biblical meditation makes use of our cognitive abilities as we ponder a particular aspect of God’s character such as his faithfulness.  Meditations from the east will tend to use certain techniques to bypass cognitive processes in search of a transcendent experience.  Every Anchor Points meditation draws its content directly and exclusively from the Scriptures.  

Anchor Points originator, Tom Walter a licensed professional counselor, came to realize after years of practice that many of his clients were actually very accomplished meditators.  Unfortunately, they were meditating on the wrong things. “One day it just hit me, they were actually meditating on things like anxiety, anger, and resentment.”  Tom knew that if his clients could change the overarching focus of their thoughts, they could ultimately change their lives. 

Of his clients who were Christians, many had only a superficial knowledge of the scriptures.  Most had tried reading the Word, some had tried memorizing scripture but found the task too difficult and had given up.  Most were willing and even eager to learn more about the Bible, but they needed scriptures that addressed their real life needs.  They didn’t know where to begin, and the Bible is a big book.

Walter wondered how he could make the task less daunting.   As a musician, he knew the power of music to hold a listener and convey a message.  He had seen how certain lyrical devices can facilitate learning and memory retention.  Why not employ some of these?  After all, who doesn’t remember their ABC’s?  We remember them because they were set to music and repeated the same way until they were deeply ingrained in our brains.  Anchor Points uses many of the same musical devices.

Anchor Points records selected scriptures and pairs then with attractive musical backgrounds.  These may be listened to repeatedly to facilitate retention.  Every meditation is set to a strong steady beat, and repeated the same way every time.  This not only facilitates learning, but also makes it portable.  Once learned, the metered rhythm is now synergistically connected to the lyric.  Now the meditation can be adapted to your own needs.  “Metronomes” are everywhere.  Like the pace of your steps walking from your car into the grocery store, or the blinking light when you’re stuck waiting for the train.  It’s what the Bible calls “redeeming the time,” and real life applications like these are nearly endless.  

Some will want to use Anchor Points as a memorization tool, but some will want to go deeper.  The beauty of Anchor Points is that it can be used either for memorization or as an aid to meditation.  Listening to the recorded tracks it is easy to find yourself “immersed in the verse.”  As Walter put it, “When you’re immersed in the verse, memorization is meditation.”  

One of Walter’s former clients told him, “It’s much easier memorizing verses this way, I’ve tried before but they didn’t stick.  With Anchor Points it’s not only easy but it also brings me closer to the Lord.”  Tom quoted a verse where God is talking to the prophet Jeremiah, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found be you” (Jeremiah 29: 13-14a).  Sometimes the best place to find God is in the grocery store parking lot.  That’s real life.  

For the real life experience of Anchor Points, visit their website at

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