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Digital video tech vendors, IPTV sales and services, enterprise-grade modules-to-workflow suites, adtech platforms, integrators, media processing specialists and CDNs grew their businesses by 28.7% in 2016, booking $68.7 billion in revenue, following a 38.3% rate of expansion in 2015.  

That figure includes market heavyweights like Google’s DoubleClick cross-channel adtech business, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and marketing platform Conversant Media (now owned by Alliance Data).

Growth is currently pegged at 26.5% for 2017 across all sectors associated with the digital video economy online. For comparison, in 2006, digital video value chain sectors generated $733.5 million in revenue. The U.S. and North America represent 53% of the global total in 2016.

This research volume, The Digital Video Value Chain 2017, is designed to inform investment decisions large and small flowing through a vast network of solutions vendors, public and private.  

VCs, equity analysts, publishers, agencies, tech suppliers, investors, system integrators, global media organizations and networking firms can access valuable insight into vendor financial and product positioning enabling the value chain, including pricing, business models, participation ranges and marginal performance.

Including audience platforms Facebook and Twitter, an $86 billion alignment of digital video value chain vendors and platforms is forecast for 2017

Mobile and cross-channel adtech segments, animated by Google’s AdMob, Twitter and Facebook framed a $26.6 billion slice of the total market in 2016. CDN, including AWS and Level 3, churned out a $23.3 billion piece of the combined market.

CDNs offer delivery, reliability, security and quality first and foremost, and forecast to capture 33.7% of the total market sphere in 2017.

However, as video file sizes increase, bit rates rise, security and rights management on a global scale a prerequisite for effective monetization, CDN businesses provide much more than bandwidth, with value added services now a fast growing component to CDN topline.

While CDN is the most mature value chain sector, Century Link’s acquisition of Level 3 for $25 billion indicates those core facilities assets and delivery expertise remain highly prized in today’s video rich IP ecosystem.

Similarly, desktop and cross-channel adtech is a more consolidated sector than mobile counterparts; though deals continue to take place for high-end multiples (i.e., Adobe’s acquisition of TubeMogul for $540 million).  

            IPTV modules and integrated workflow vendors (both consumer-facing and enterprise-focused) occupy essential market positions straddling origination and consumption, providing media platforms, processing, players, monetization support, security and custom (i.e.; white label) content management and networking solutions.

This rich media structure is populated with a mix of rapidly innovating, technologies, modules, services and solutions that continually evolve through organic R & D, acquisition and 3rd party integrations.

Vendors and platforms alike target emerging digital video operators, broadcasters (linear and on-demand), programmers (linear and on-demand), OTT services, VOD services, Live-to-VOD services, network DVR and more.

            As the cord cutting phenomenon (phone and TV) continues, mobile adtech/audience platforms have consistently gained value chain share, and have led the market forward since 2014.

            AccuStream Research expects video utilization trends will continue, with mobile audience platforms increasing market share slightly over the next few years as the broadcast industry more closely integrates linear and non-linear video operations.

The software services sector (encoding to syndicated players) will benefit from content library expansion, while residing closer to the network edge (i.e.; the end user).

Further, as network operators deploy more video, they require integration expertise, bandwidth capacity or throughput, along with sophisticated interactive client and audience platforms, workflow and modular content management suites.

             This research includes publicly traded companies, private or venture funded firms, those that have been acquired and folded into larger entities though continue to offer services to a wider set of clients, and acquired entrants still operating.

            CDN analytics include Akamai Technologies, Limelight Networks, Mirror Image, AWS, Level 3, Highwinds, TaTa Communications and many others.

            Digital video adtech includes Rubicon Project, AdRoll, Collective, SundaySky, Videology, Cinema6, Visible Measures, YuMe Inc., Inform (formerly NDN), AudienceScience, Exponential Interactive, TubeMogul and dozens more.

            IPTV software and platform analyses include  Anvato, Beamr, AllDigital Brevity, Brightcove, Clipstream, Syndicaster, Conviva, RAMP, Panopto, DaCast, Elemental Technologies,, Kaltura, Ooyala and many more.

            Mobile and cross-channel adtech research includes BuzzCity, UpSight (Formerly Kontagent, InMobi, Jana Mobile, MediaBrix, MediaMath, MobileFuse, Mobile Posse, Twitter/MoPub, Motive Interactive, PubMatic, Madhouse and many more.

            This research is found at

AccuStream Research ( produces investment grade industry and trade research bridging digital video, internet music radio, download entertainment, digital video/audio advertising/spend, video and mobile adtech platform revenue and M & A valuations, industry trade surveys and support, CDN and integrated media optimization software, adtech integrator services, and conducts AvailPlay advertising and audience experience, digital diary and video impression monitoring services on-demand. 

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