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TenantEvaluation Makes Renting Easy—Finally

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TenantEvaluation, the leading tenant screening service for major players in property management, is thrilled to announce its services are now available for completely free for landlords and brokers.

Renting out property in today’s day and age is a disaster. Interested tenants from across the web are forced to forward their most sensitive information to complete strangers. Then, landlords are supposed to handle social security numbers and credit card data with the utmost care while they screen a tenant they have often never met. 

From the renter’s side, getting screened could take weeks. For the landlord, screening is a time-consuming process that opens them to all sorts of risk. Even brokers waste their time pitching under-qualified tenants in the first place. It’s ridiculous.

Fortunately for property management companies, TenantEvaluation sprung into existence ten years ago and began screening tenants completely online and putting all the information into one safe place. Now, it’s extending that same completely secure and absolutely free tenant screening service to landlords and real estate brokers. 

Current landlords or brokers create a free account and invite prospective tenants to complete an easy-to-understand application secured by bank-level encryption in just two clicks. Once the application is finished, the landlord or broker receives an email notifying and connecting them to the tenant’s online report which contains their credit, eviction, and rental history.

Reports pull information from the largest most trusted national databases made up of over 430 million records. All credit inquiries are “soft”, meaning tenants’ scores will not be affected when the report is run. Reports even provide a credible recommendation landlords or brokers can consider at their discretion.

Tenant screening has always been necessary, but it was often neglected. Landlords and brokers had to pull credit history from one source, criminal history from another, and eviction/rental history from yet another, and then keep all this sensitive information in a vulnerable paper environment. Put simply, the tenant screening process was simply too cumbersome, time-consuming, and legally risky to be considered realistic. 

No longer. TenantEvaluation streamlines the entire rental application process on a worry-free, stress-free, intuitive platform that benefits tenants, landlords, and brokers. Proper tenant screening and background checks all but eliminate costly evictions, damaged property, identity theft, and legal vulnerability. And it’s all, 100%, completely free for landlords, brokers, and property management companies. 

TenantEvaluation’s 40+ years of industry experience has finally solved the problem of renting out property, and you don’t even need to pay for it. Create an account and get started today.

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