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Recent Research Unveils the Value of a Herbal Formulation Designed Specifically for Heart Health

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The research community has recently received insight into the use of the herbs, Moringa oleifera and Bryophyllum pinnatum, in persons with or at risk of heart disease, in the current issue of the peer-reviewed Free Radicals and Antioxidants Journal.  Statistics on cardiovascular disease confirm the severity of this global epidemic and, researchers and physicians alike, continue to search for answers to this costly and significant public health challenge. However research into the use of herbal formulas as a solution, has been somewhat limited. Although the use of herbs in the treatment and management of symptoms and conditions is met with skepticism by many in the medical community, Dr. Alfred Sparman, an interventional cardiologist, chose to take a deeper look into the use of these two specific herbs. Dr. Sparman investigated Moringa oleifera and Bryophyllum pinnatum, in hopes of unearthing data that would be valuable not only to the medical community, but to those affected by heart disease or at risk of heart disease.

The preliminary study carried out over several months, sought to investigate the potential of a combination of Moringa oleifera, Bryophyllum pinnatum and vitamin C to help persons with heart disease or at risk of heart disease, manage their risk factors. These risk factors included high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol and blood glucose. Apart from looking at these risk factors the overall well-being of the participants was also evaluated throughout the study; to determine if there were additional benefits to be gained from using this combination of herbs and vitamin C.

In the study of sixty-six participants who were monitored, blood work and a quality of life questionnaire were completed each month in a controlled environment. Results indicated that this particular herbal combination may help to reduce elevated blood glucose (sugar) levels in persons with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Results regarding cholesterol also showed some promise. Where an increase in good cholesterol among both males and females was observed. The “bad” cholesterol which we know is responsible for increased risk of coronary heart disease was also affected. The data examined confirmed that “bad” cholesterol levels also decreased with the use of this herbal combination.

Dr. Sparman concluded that based on his findings, this specific formulation appears to have the potential to assist with the management of risk factors for heart disease. He supports the implementation of a randomized, long-term intervention to further evaluate the potential of the formulation, and better understand its effects over a longer timeframe. You may learn more here.

It is certain that as we battle this number one killer of people worldwide, any advancement in the research available to the general public and the medical community regarding the management of risk factors for heart disease, would positively be welcomed.

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