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Rasso Racing Class 5 Unlimited Finishes the grueling Mint 400 2017

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The Mint 400 is known for its brutal course and many talented racers, the infamous Mint 400 is a challenging crucible of off-road competition, desert terrain and unforgiving punishment on the race cars. In 2017 the Great American Off-Road Race stood up to its reputation as one of the toughest races on the planet. In the first race of the day the limited class racers took the green flag, yet only 111 of those 177 teams would finish before the set time limit, we came in 66th overall in race 1 three lap. For the Rasso Racing Temecula, CA based team, a finish was the primary objective. Objective complete.

In the first lap car builder Dave and team owner Ryan Rasso take off at 6:00 am with Dave at the wheel for the first lap. Green flag and were off! We quickly start passing other class drivers, Dave hits a nice big air jump as we leave the short course track headed for the Joshua Tree forest. Dave does an outstanding job driving as we fly thorough the brisk desert morning. Lap two Ryan Rasso takes the wheel for the final two laps, ridding along is navigators Austin and Ricky. Ryan quickly starts to pass cars in front of him in his class 5 buggy. The insane amount of travel on Ryan's car allows him to go as fast as possible where other cars must slow down, the big whoops. The race is going great...

In lap two as we mob through the rock corey we hit the front end on an unavoidable g out, as we exit the rock corey I notice a shock tower is waving(not good) at that point I radio to the pit crew to get the welder out, we are in need of repair/ As soon as we got to the pit, the crew immediately went to work, Dave came out of the coach in his PJ"s welded the from n\beam perfectly in about ten minutes! finished went back to bed and we took off to go finish the mint! O lap three we lost the gas cap cover and dirt fell in the gas tank and blocked the fuel flow which limited us to a agonizing 18 MPH!! For me there was only one choice, finish the race! So we did with trophy trucks flying up behind us at 100 plus MPH! Did we have fun?? ABSOLUTELY!! it was hours of adrenaline rush racing with more twist and turns that a soap opera in the middle of the day. Big thanks to all the team members and pit support that made this finish possible as well as a case of Monster Energy drinks lol.

About Rasso Racing
Rasso Racing is an off-road racing motorsports team, that races class 5 unlimited and class 8 truck. Owner & Driver, Ryan Rasso. Click our website to come follow us on our racing.

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