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EnerBlü’s Innovative Approach To Off-Grid Solutions

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Advanced Modular PV Hybrid Micro-Grid System for Rural Electrification Applications


Today, there are 7.2 billion people sharing planet Earth. New sources of energy must be used to meet power demand without harming the environment while supporting the economic and social development for 1.2 billion people that are still living without access to electricity ("Modern Energy"), clean water and primary health care, education and other basic services. Not surprisingly, access to “Modern Energy” is part of the Millennium Development Goals adopted by the United Nations and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has been taking a series of global initiatives to make sustainable energy for all a reality by 2030.

Current Technology Solution: Diesel fuelled gensets provide electricity to rural communities throughout the world. These are very costly to operate and are gross polluters. Through advances in technology, there have been some installtions of PV Solar in conjunction with lead acid batteries for energy storage. These have been added to diesel gensets for an improved technology solution designed to provide electricity to rural communities. While this technology has become the "norm", EnerBlü is now launching its most advanced and proven technology that significantly reduces both operating costs and pollution!

EnerBlü's New Technology Solution uses an in-series arrangement that provides greater flexibility, higher efficiency and less emissions at the point-of-use where battery storage acts as an energy buffer between the energy sources and the load. In EnerBlü’s system, all energy sources are connected to the main unit that manages all power control tasks via EnerBlü’s proprietary IPCMTM. All power control systems are integrated with the battery pack in one enclosure. The unit also offers cutting-edge flexibility by allowing different sized generators, additional battery storage units and multiple renewable arrays to be connected. The system can operate in a non-hierarchical / self- managed topology. It allows for starting with micro-grid configurations, which can later be integrated with additional other micro-grid systems further developing into a mini-grid as the power coverage needs expand in a certain area.

Cost Difference: EnerBlü’s system is long term, cost efficient and dependable. EnerBlü’s innovative system can provide an additional 15% genset fuel cost savings with over 400% longer operating life span improving levelized cost of operations by up to 47% over the current technology in use today with similar initial investment capital to? technology in use today! 

EnerBlü has also developed a Military version of our Generator Hybridization System which siginificantly reduces the fuel logistics and costs for the armed services. EnerBlü successfully demonstrated our MIL 38kWh LTO AESU at the United States Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, The West Coast's Premier Expeditionary Training Base.

About EnerBlü, Inc.

The merging of our electrification value chain with both our automotive value chain and our advanced battery value chain creates new capability requirements that are essential to the success of business development initiatives for our partners and clients.

EnerBlü provides unique business and technical support platforms to OEMs targeting the various and numerous EV markets in the United States while leveraging tremendous technical and marketing expertise for a wide range of stationary and mobile energy storage applications globally.

BRAC Global Automotive and Symblü joined forces to create EnerBlü in 2015 after recognizing the value that their combined companies could deliver to OEMs interested in penetrating overseas EV markets. The marriage of advanced batteries experts and automotive / transportation market distribution specialists unlocks key roadblocks and new opportunities for our partners.?

More recently, Pacific Energy, an innovative energy storage OEM joined EnerBlü bringing unique technical and manufacturing capabilities as well as front line technology development in all aspects of thermal engine hybridization, DC/DC and DC/AC converter expertise, PV diesel hybrid microgrid, battery management systems and intelligent power control management technology.

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