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“Dental Job Video: is now transforming the traditional dental job search practices and “You are More than a Paper Resume”

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The dental job video is a kind of platform, which allows dental employers to view and review job seekers Video resumes through which they can interview their employees with ease. The dental employers can find the best employees by having this platform as they can interact within the app using SMS and live video chat if either party wants to discuss further in office interview or skills test. Again, they can chat either by video chat or by SMS as per their earliest preference all in one single platform which is launched by DENTALJOBVIDEO to draw a mutual benefit for both the parties i.e. the dental job employer and the dental job seeker.

It is rightly said that a person can express his skills and talent better via a video resume representation rather than a text written on a paper resume. So, for this instance Dental Job Video is going to launch an application to make this true for the Employer who need to hire job seekers and Job seekers who need to work and are interested in specific jobs for a dental office. Video resume representation is always better for both parties to gauge each others criteria.

It enables the dental job seekers to use the dental job video application to search a job post by geo location and watch a video or text about the employer’s dental office job posting as well.

This app launched by the Dental Job Video is beneficial for both the dental job employers and the dental job seekers as it has so many features in it which are ideally designed to fulfill all the needs and requirements that a job searching platform should indulge in it. They can search for the requirements, chat with each other, text each other, manage their videos, create their own profile, have their favorite candidates bookmarked, set their settings according to their needs on just a single app.

It has a definite category i.e. dental so that only the dental offices and officials get more preference as they deserve. Dental Employers can showcase their offices for attracting the ideal employees and if we see through a job seeker point of view they can catch the attention of the employers from a well presentable video simply by using your smart phone.

This app is pioneering an awesome idea of saving excess time which dental employers and job seekers spend in posting dental job opening and then rescheduling the interviews and attending the feedbacks full of disappointment.


Dental job video is basically a platform which is now launched an app on apple store and going to launch also on Google app store shortly for the android users so that the dental job seekers and the dental job employers can interact with each other to meet the requirements from both the sides via video chats and representation besides that traditional way of written resumes.

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