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5 G mobile phone turned into a microscope -Landing’s High Tech Co vision allows data collection at any time anywhere

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  China - 10/22/2019 (PRESS RELEASE JET)

Landing Med High Tech Co announced a release of "Landing Smart", a handheld phone turned microscope, during Technical Achievements Seminar about Early Cancer Detection Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) held by Wuhan National Bio-Industry Base. In Collaboration with Artificial Intelligence Cell Pathology Diagnostic Research Center of Wuhan University researchers form Landing Medical launched 5G mobile phone turned into a fully automated, high-resolution image acquisition system. Combining a 5G network and artificial intelligence big data cloud platform, the new device has a huge potential to improve recognition and standardization of microscopic image acquisition and interpretation.


At the meeting, Dr. Zhai Baige, a deputy director of the 12th People’s National Congress of Foreign Affairs Committee and a Chairman of “ One Belt and One Road” Committee of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Chairman of Landing Expert Committee compared the status between China and the rest of the world. She mentioned that Landing’s AI and its applications in the medical field are far ahead of those seen so far, making Landing technology number one in the world. She expressed hope that the relevant institutions in China will formulate policies that promote the development of artificial intelligence further including strengthening national policy about intellectual property rights and lowering a barrier for medical companies that use AI technologies to expand overseas.  


During demonstration, Huawei 5G mobile phone was shown equipped with “Landing Smart”, an accessory which turns a mobile phone into a microscope instantly. A cytology slide from cervical sample was inserted into the “Landing Smart” , scanned, data uploaded to the Landing cloud platform within 3 minutes. Landing’s AI big data cloud platform received the digital image through the 5G networks, quickly completed analysis followed by generation of test report back to the phone. Parallel to that, cytology experts from Tongji University Hospital in Wuhan also received raw data through mobile phones to conduct an online review of cloud-generated results. The whole process showed how complex cervical cell testing, which is traditionally done in a hospital laboratory, could now be easily done in a short period anywhere. 


"If a cytologist has this kind of mobile phone, it is equivalent as carrying an advanced portion of cytopathology laboratory literary in his pocket,"

said Dr.  Pang Baochuan, a senior researcher at the Landing AI Cell Pathology Research Center of Wuhan University

"Landing Smart" integrates all of newest technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analysis, 5G network, and cloud. In other words a 5G mobile phone is transformed into a carry on portable microscope. 

"Currently experience plays a very important role in creating cytology report. Now the process is completed by the AI big data cloud platform.  As a result a lot of errors caused by the subjectivity of manual diagnosis can be avoided. In addition when second opinion is required, medical experts can do it through the cloud platform in a real-time review. Finally, the patient can receive the test report through the mobile phone. This way, the cost of using traditional microscopes, the efficiency of use, and the reliance on people and the venue are solved, especially in the area with poor or no infrastructure”, concluded Dr Pang.


Prof Dr. Liu Juan of Wuhan University believes that this technology will have a positive impact on early cancer screening initiatives. According to reports, Landing’s artificial intelligence big data cervical cancer diagnosis cloud platform ("Landing Cloud ") was successfully used in cervical cancer screening projects already in many provinces and cities across China, serving millions of urban and rural women every year. Screening services that use AI instead of doctors to complete screening are shown to be more efficient and of better quality than those using manual methods. Data showed that this approach contributed to reducing cervical cancer mortality in those parts of China where they were deployed. However, “Landing Cloud” is still based on the traditional microscope. Now, with the combination of 5G mobile phone microscope and artificial intelligence big data cloud platform it is possible to bring microscopy everywhere and at any time provide accurate reports.


In addition to medical applications such as tumor diagnosis in cytology and pathology, “Landing Smart” can be applied in many other fields in biological sciences, agriculture, teaching, research, etc. It has a great practical significance for future innovation of inspecting and testing in other related industries. At the symposium, it was decided that the Wuhan National Bio-Industry Base has the mandate to accelerate the transformation of scientific research results into everyday practice. 

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