Marketwired For Your Next Press Release?


Are you looking for the most cost-effective option to distribute your next press release?

If you type the words “press release distribution” into Google, you will see that the array of options is dizzying. In fact, it almost feels like there are too many choices. How do you decide which one is right for you?

One option that you might consider is Marketwired.

This company is known for its personalized service to clients, developing specific programs to meet individual needs. It provides many services, including editorial support and social media visibility. It also has a substantial number of distribution channels all over the world.

To use these great services, you must have a clear idea about what you want. Then you will have to spend some time filling out questionnaires as part of their registration process.

Pricing information is not readily available, but most sources report that Marketwired typically charges about $460 per press release.

Many might consider this price more than fair for exceptional service. However, it’s important to be aware that you do have other options.

Press Release Jet offers most of the same services that are available from Marketwired. However, we charge only $129 per press release for these services. Unlimited word count, easy social media sharing, and the ability to embed links and multimedia are all included in this price.

You don’t need to register or subscribe to Press Release Jet to send out a press release. All you have to do is open our online order form and submit your contact information and the body of your text. There are no forms or online questionnaires to fill out. The process is quick and easy.

Press Release Jet is an ideal option for those who have a limited PR budget and limited time, but want great results.

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