Should You Order an eReleases Press Release?

eReleases Press Release

When it comes to press release distribution services, eReleases consistently ranks highly in reviews because of its service and affordability. This company has built a reputation as a cost-effective alternative to high-end press release distribution companies such as PRNewswire and

If press releases are part of your marketing strategy and you’re on a tight budget, you probably feel that eReleases is a great option.

But is it all that it’s cracked up to be?

Let’s take a closer look at the services included when you send out an eReleases press release.

eReleases offers three tiers of service: BuzzBuilder, NewsMaker, and PR Pro, ranging in price from $299 to $499 per release. The top tier, PR Pro, guarantees syndication in more than 150 media sites, but typically averages syndication in over 250. These include major media networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. They also distribute to Google, Bing, and Yahoo News. Because they are a reseller of publicity giant PRNewswire, they have access to some of the same contacts.

They are also renowned for their customer service and their willingness to help at every stage of the process. For an extra $300, they even provide press release writing services.

But are these services really worth the money? Or are there some better options out there?

Another possibility for cost-effective press release distribution is Press Release Jet.

Our premium press release distribution service guarantees syndication in all the same media sites as eReleases in addition to many others, for a total of over 375 sites. Unlike other press release distribution services (including eReleases) we have an unlimited word count.

But doesn’t all this great service come at a cost?

Press Release Jet charges $129 per premium press release distribution, just a fraction of the cost of eReleases’ bottom pricing tier.

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