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Compare Press Release Distribution Companies

If you want to get real results with your press release distribution, there are a few essential services that you need from your press release distribution company. You need to know for certain that your press release will be sent to top-tier media networks, like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and CW. You need to know that your press release can be found easily through a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo. And if you’re on a budget, price is also important.

But do you have to pay top dollar to receive all these services?

Let’s break down the prices and services offered by some of the most popular press release distribution companies and see how they compare.

Features Press Release Jet PR Newswire PRWeb eReleases Business Wire Marketwired
Pricing $99 $775 $369 $499 $999 $499+ $460
Guaranteed Syndication 375+ media sites N/A N/A 150+ media sites 350+ media sites N/A N/A
Avg. Syndication 400 media sites 300 media sites 150 media sites 250 media sites 400 media sites 200 media sites 200 media sites
Media ROI $0.25 / media site $2.58 / media site $2.46 / media site $1.99 / media site $2.50 / media sites $2.50 / media sites $2.30 / media sites
Affiliation Status Independent Independent Subsidiary owned by PR Newswire's parent company Reseller of PR Newswire Reseller of PR Newswire Independent Independent
Word Count Limit No Limits! 400 words 400 words 400 words 400 words 400 words 400 words
No Word Count Limits
Addition 100 Words FREE! $150 each additional $150 each additional $150 each additional $150 each additional $150 each additional $150 each additional
ABC and Affiliates
CBS and Affiliates
FOX and Affiliates
NBC and Affiliates
CW and Affiliates
Google Search
Bing Search
Yahoo Search
Google News
Bing News
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