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What is Business Wire?

Business Wire

There are a bewildering variety of press release distribution services out there. One of these many options in Business Wire.

But what is Business Wire and how does it compare to other services?

Business Wire is a large public relations company. It is known for providing excellent service, with a professional and responsive editorial staff. It has an impressive distribution list. Because of its large number of subscribing journalists, there’s a high probability that newsworthy releases will be picked up by the media.

Although membership to Business Wire is not required for press release distribution, only members can access benefits such as custom formatting and the inclusion of a company logo. There is no charge for membership.

The range in price among press release distribution companies is dramatic. In this regard, Business Wire does not compare very favorably to its competitors.

Pricing is not readily available from the company, but other sources cite that Business Wire charges $760 for the first 400 words, with $195 for every 100 words after that. Additionally, you must pay $95 for increased engagement and visibility. This means that if you want to get real results with a Business Wire press release, you will probably pay over $1000 per press release. Minus its $195 membership fee, these prices are comparable to those of the renowned media giant PRNewswire.

These prices can be prohibitive to small companies or those that are on a tight budget. In these cases, some will choose to build their own media contact list and use a free or inexpensive press release distribution service. But the many tasks that comprise effective press release distribution can be burdensome and time-consuming.

Another option is Press Release Jet. Though small, this company offers an impressive array of services, distributing press releases to over 375 media sites. There is no word limit and no additional charge for links, logos, or images. Social media sharing and distribution to premium news outlets are included too. These benefits can be accessed for $129 per press release, just a fraction of the price of Business Wire.

Large, expensive companies like Business Wire are definitely a potential solution for your PR needs but there are other solutions that may be more cost-effective for your business.

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