Your Bitcoin Press Release is just the Beginning

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Bitcoin is a phenomenon that is impossible to ignore. Press Release Jet are the first PR company to work with Bitcoin and make valuable information available for free. Bitcoin and press releases can provide many benefits for your company. The mysterious nature that Bitcoin has received by news companies is unwarranted as these organizations simply do not understand the technology like we do. There really is nothing mysterious about it though. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which simply means information is verified through complex mathematical equations. This basis on math keeps any one person, or group of people, from counterfeiting Bitcoin. The technology behind Bitcoin is where the value lays – the Blockchain. The Blockchain is all the transactions that have occurred in the history of Bitcoin. Each cryptocurrency has a Blockchain behind the scenes, quietly keeping track of all posted information.

It is never too late to get involved with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was introduced to the world in 2009 showing growth comparable to that of the Internet itself. While the price is fluctuating moment to moment, the value of Bitcoin is more solid now than ever before thanks to adoption by large corporations. Press Release Jet being the first PR company to go full forward with Bitcoin puts us in a unique position to understand the inner workings of how this cryptocurrency effects press releases and the media picking up the PR for coverage.

Press Release Jet makes announcing to the world that you are involved with Bitcoin easy with services such as cryptocurrency PR distribution featuring Bitcoin SEO which can improve your placement with search engines such as Google or Bing.

Bitcoin today means success tomorrow

Taking the plunge with Bitcoin today is like taking the plunge with PayPal 15 years ago. Today PayPal is synonymous with doing business online. Bitcoin is in the early days of becoming more than PayPal ever could be. Getting in early with Bitcoin and the underlying technology it provides is key to success in the coming decades.

We remove the mystery of Bitcoin

At Press Release Jet we are dedicated to Bitcoin and helping people just like you understand it better. We have amassed a collection of articles that demystify Bitcoin in terms that regular people can understand – no programming degree required. This collection of articles is just that, some of the best information on Bitcoin, in layman’s terms, on the Internet today.

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