What Is Press Release Format?

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A recent article revealed how to effectively format a press release. But what exactly is press release format and why is it important?

First of all, thousands of press releases are issued every day; only a few of these are effective enough to be read by reporters.  The others are ignored.

Despite the fact that there are many other viable means of getting the word out about a product (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), the press release is still a very powerful marketing tool, and should not be wasted.

It’s important to remember that your audience consists of people who write and deliver news for a living.  Grammar mistakes, a lackluster headline, or an abundance of corporate lingo will put your press release on the fast track to the wastebasket or cyber oblivion.

Formatting your press release correctly helps yours avoid this sad and common fate.

A well-written, correctly-formated press release is a highly effective tool for reaching a large audience quickly and becoming visible to a large pool of prospective clients.

So, as discussed in this article, please follow these very basic guidelines for formatting your press release:

  • Make sure your first paragraph keeps and builds your audience’s attention
  • Your headline should be brief and “tweetable”
  • For every sentence in your press release, keep it newsworthy and relevant.  Ask yourself if others besides you would care about it.
  • Keep your audience in mind throughout your press release; avoid industry jargon
  • In the body of your press release, clearly explain the benefits of your product or service, using factual information, data, and perhaps some quotes
  • Craft your last sentence as a call to action in which your audience is asked to go to your website or to contact you for more information

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