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If you want to distribute a press release with maximum exposure for minimum cost, there are many things to keep in mind.

Journalists and reporters are inundated with press releases every day. To distribute a press release that fails to get their attention is a poor use of resources, both of time and money.

For maximum effectiveness, you need a substantial media contact list that includes all the premium news networks. In today’s overabundance of available information,search engine optimization and visibility on Facebook and Twitter are also necessary for your press release to get to the attention of the right people. And visual appeal through images and video is a valuable tool to get people to share your press release and to remember it.

There are a number of paid press release distribution companies that offer all these services. It’s worth a certain amount of investment to make sure that your press release packs a punch. But these companies vary widely, in terms of both price and service.

Two such companies are PRWeb and PRNewswire. These two press release distribution services are very different. Here is a brief comparison of PRWeb vs. PRNewswire.

What many people don’t know is that these two companies are in fact both owned by Cision, a large global publicity company. But there are striking differences between the two smaller companies.

PRNewswire is a high-end distribution service. It provides all the services necessary for effective distribution, including a media contact distribution list of about 300 sites. This service costs about $775 per press release, in addition to a $195 yearly membership fee.

On the other hand, PRWeb is much more affordable. It has four tiers of pricing ranging from $129-$369 per release, and no annual membership fee. However, its distribution list is small; even the top pricing tier will distribute your press release to only about 150 media sites.

Another option is Press Release Jet. For just $129, you can access its premium distribution services to send your press release to over 375 media sites. 85% of these are the same as those of PRNewswire, but at only a fraction of the cost. An unlimited word count and the ability to add images or video are included at no extra charge.

If you want to get the full potential out of your press release without breaking the bank, then submit an online order with Press Release Jet today.

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