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If you or your organization wants to issue a press release, you have probably noticed that there is no shortage of options. Press release distribution services are easily available on the Internet and it can be daunting to analyze their varied prices and services to figure out which of them best meets your needs.

At one end of the spectrum, those on a tight budget might appreciate some of the services that “distribute” your press release for free. The problem is, a company like this one really doesn’t distribute your press release anywhere; it simply houses it on its website.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are expensive paid press release distribution services, which offer to place your press release in top-tier news networks. But are they really worth the money? Do they deliver results?

To help determine whether such services live up to the hype, we have analyzed PRWeb’s prices and services to bring you a PRWeb review.

At first glance, PRWeb appears a solid option for those looking to get their press release out to media professionals. They do not require an annual membership fee as do many other similar companies, and they also provide 24/7 editorial assistance.

Customers can pay $99 to purchase PRWeb’s basic press release distribution package. This price allows your press release to live on their own website, similar to the service available via many of the free options out there. Beyond that, PRWeb offers three additional tiers of service: standard ($159), advanced ($249), and premium ($369). Of these options, only the premium package distributes to all the major news outlets, including the New York Times and USA Today. Still, even their premium package is fairly limited, with a total distribution of only about 150 media sites.

One of PRWeb’s competitors, Press Release Jet, provides a comparable premium press release distribution package at the rate of $129 per release. At this price, they distribute to all the same media sites as PRWeb in addition to many others. In fact, they offer guaranteed placement in a total of over 375 media outlets.

Like PRWeb, Press Release Jet does not require an annual membership fee. They also allow the inclusion of video and images at no extra charge.

Overall, PRWeb offers a quality service but its prices are not competitive when compared with the prices and service offered by other companies.

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