PRWeb Pricing: Is PRWeb Worth It?

PRWeb Pricing

PRWeb is recognized as a leader in the press release distribution industry. It’s noted for providing good circulation and exposure at a price that compares favorably to some of the industry giants like PRNewswire.

If you are thinking of sending out a press release, you may be wondering if all this hype is real. Is PRWeb worth the price? Does it deliver results? Will it give you the biggest “bang for your buck?”

We analyzed PRWeb pricing to answer these questions for you.

PRWeb offers four tiers of pricing. Their lowest tier, the basic package, promises permanent hosting and search engine visibility on their website for $129. This may be useful if you have your own media contact list and are willing to put in the time to optimize and distribute your press release yourself. There are also many free press release distribution services that provide permanent hosting.

PRWeb’s next level of service, the standard tier, costs $159. At this level, they will distribute your press release to a few news outlets and apply social media sharing technology.

For $249, customers can access PRWeb’s advanced tier of service, which sends their press release to premium news outlets and incorporates search engine optimization. These are essential tools for getting news to the attention of the media.

The premium package, which costs $349, includes all of these services and also allows customers to incorporate images, videos, and links in their press release.Research has shown that including this kind of media in a press release increases the likelihood that it will be shared, so paying for a premium package may be a good investment.

It’s worth noting that PRWeb is not the most competitive option when it comes to pricing. Press Release Jet’s premium distribution package costs $129, significantly less than PRWeb’s lowest pricing tier. At this price, Press Release Jet distributes to a total of 375 media sites, including premium news outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CW. They also blast it on social media and send it to Google, Bing, and Yahoo News. Even the top tier of service in PRWeb’s pricing plan will only distribute to about 150 sites.

Press Release Jet allows links, images, and video to be easily included at no extra charge.

A substantial distribution list and the ability to include relevant media are essential to get the most out of your press release. But it’s possible to acquire such services while still honoring your budget.

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