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It’s kind of a thrill to find a coupon for something you really want. Whether it’s groceries, an oil change, or a new outfit, finding a coupon for it makes you feel smart and deserving. It can be so thrilling that it’s even possible to go overboard. Sometimes people think that finding coupons is saving them money, when in fact it is causing them to spend more.

If a coupon leads you to buy an expensive item when you otherwise would not, that’s not really saving anything.

A good example of this is the PRWeb coupon code. You can find coupons for PRWeb services on sites like and The 10%-15% discounts available with such coupons may encourage you to give PRWeb a try the next time you or your company sends out a press release. After all, if it’s for a good price, what have you got to lose?

But here are some things to think about before trying out a PRWeb coupon code.

For one thing, even with a 10-15% discount, PRWeb’s services are still pricier than those of some of its competitors. A basic press release, which is not distributed anywhere except on PRWeb’s site, costs $129. If you want a premium package, which includes distribution to premium news outlets and the ability to add images and video, it will cost you $369. Even with a small discount, that’s still a big investment. One would hope that such an investment would result in some effective publicity for your event or organization, but this may not be the case.

A premium press release from PRWeb will be sent out to a relatively modest distribution list, including about 150 media sites. This exposure does not compare very favorably with competitors. For example, Press Release Jet distributes to more than 375 media sites at a price of just $129. These sites include the same outlets on PRWeb’s distribution list, in addition to many others.

We all love a great deal and sometimes a coupon code is an excellent way to save money. But the PRWeb coupon code may end up costing you more than you save, in terms of money as well as overall effectiveness.

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