PRLog SEO: Does It Work?

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Thanks to the rapid advances of technology, publicity professionals have more options open to them than ever before through the use of search engines and social media. In this context, there is a school of thought which says the old-fashioned press release is obsolete.

In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Press release distribution is still the best way to get your message across. But a different kind of strategy is necessary to get the most out of your press release. The main benefit of press release distribution is that it can improve your brand's SEO. If it’s done correctly, your press release can go to the first page of the results in Google to dramatically increase visibility.

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As you can see, there is a fair amount of effort and thought that goes into effective press release distribution. You cannot just post it on a website and hope that journalists and reporters will magically come across it.

But this is exactly what most free press release distribution services will do for you.

PRLog is one of many websites which offer free press release “distribution.” Do not make the mistake of getting taken in by this claim. Like other free services, PRLog simply hosts your press release on its website, providing no demonstrable SEO benefits and thus defeating the entire purpose of press release distribution. In fact, you could easily accomplish the same thing yourself just by building a WordPress blog and posting your press release there. If you want slightly better results, PRLog does offer an upgrade to a relatively low-cost, paid press release distribution package. There is not much evidence that these paid plans will benefit your SEO.

If you are sincere about improving your brand’s SEO, you will probably need to upgrade to a different service. This doesn’t have to break the bank, but it’s important to choose the right press release distribution company so you’re not just throwing your money away.

If you want to see dramatic SEO improvement for your brand, the best option is to submit an online order at Press Release Jet. With some basic keyword strategy on your part, you can easily get your press release to the front page of Google. And at only $129 for our premium press release distribution package, these results will more than pay for themselves.

Press release distribution can dramatically improve your brand’s visibility! But make sure you choose the right service to accomplish your goals.

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