The Pros and Cons of PR Leap


When it comes to contracting for any type of service, transparency is everything.

This applies to press release distribution companies too. The process of creating and distributing an effective press release can be very simple...or very complicated.

It’s helpful to know exactly how much the service will cost, and the precise benefits you can get for this cost. It’s also important to have a convenient process for uploading your press release, one that doesn’t involve creating a membership and opening yourself up to spam emails.

PR Leap is a press release company which claims affordability, search engine optimization, and social media promotion. But does PR Leap truly deliver?

Let’s examine the affordability factor. PR Leap puts in a strong plug for an annual membership plan. You have the option of committing to 4 press releases per year for $395, or 12 a year for $995. These prices average out to about $129 or $83 per press release, respectively. According to their website, they will distribute your press release to Google News and to about 150 media sites. However, they do not specify what these media sites are. While this may be a relatively good price for press release distribution, it seems unwise to lock yourself into a year-long commitment when the quality of service is uncertain.

PR Leap does offer a pay-per-release plan, but it’s unclear how much more this might cost. And customers still must become members to use this service.

For greater transparency, visit the Press Release Jet website. Here you will find detailed information on our pricing and plans. The cost of $129 for our premium press release package includes guaranteed syndication in over 375 media sites. These sites include major news networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW. We also guarantee distribution to Google, Bing and Yahoo News.

There is no membership or commitment required to use our service. But if you are interested in getting a discount for high-volume press release distribution, check out our bulk press release distribution plans. With this program, you can distribute 12 press releases at a cost that averages out to about $62 per press release. That’s quite a savings from the annual membership plan offered by PR Leap.

With these savings and service, we think the decision is obvious.

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