Press Release Headlines: Top 5 Tips

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Press Release Headlines Top 5 Tips

The headline is what draws people to click into a press release. With the avant of modern search engines, there exists two schools of thought for headlines: Search engine friendly headlines and good ole quality headlines.

Both have their pros and cons, and you can certainly have a great headline that is both creative and search engine friendly. Typically, all press release headlines follow the format beneath or a variation of it:

[Subject][Action][Event, Product or Service]
[Company, Organization or Individual][Announces, Reveals, Launches][Launch Party, Partnership, New Products, New Services]

Examples of Press Release Headlines

DJO Global Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Certain Assets from Zimmer and Biomet

DSX Therapeutics and R&D Antibodies Announce Issuance of EU Patents for First-in-Class Monoclonal Antibody Based Sepsis Therapy

CLARCOR Declares Regular Quarterly Dividend

MetLife Applauds Passage of TPA Legislation

Team Neato Takes On BattleBots and NASA in Robot Challenges

General Press Release Headline Tips

  1. Give the audience a reason to click. If people do not click into the press release to read it, it does you no good. Emotional appeal works well, if it is applicable to your news story.
  2. Keep it under 2 lines. In addition to losing your audience's interest with a lengthy headline, you run into the risk of news websites cutting off your headline and replacing the part that gets removed with ellipses.
  3. Get to the point. With the constant barrage of media and social media content, people have attention spans significantly shorter than our parents' and grandparents' generations.

Search Engine Friendly Headline Tip

  1. Keyword research. Do your research on what keyword(s) get a lot of monthly searches and select the keyword(s) to include in your headline with high searches. This will lend to a lot larger audience from Google and search engines, as well as maximizing your ROI with your press release.

Good Ole Quality Headline Tip

  1. Creative, catchy and curiosity invoking. With the limited real estate on a press release headline, having a creative headline that captivates may compromise on your position to include the keywords that would benefit search engine visibility. If search engine ranks aren't a concern, you have full reign over the creative direction.
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