PR Newswire Partnership Program

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PR Newswire Partnership Program

PRNewswire offers a variety of services to businesses through its partnership program.

Among the options is a “reseller” program, which allows businesses to integrate PRNewswire into their publicity campaigns or to offer their services to clients.

Businesses can also partner with PRNewswire to expand revenue from their websites, or to offer press release distribution services to exhibitors at trade shows.

PRNewswire is widely regarded as a leader in the PR industry. Their press release distribution service guarantees placement in 300 media sites, including premium news networks such as ABC, CBS, and NBC. They also provide 24-hour customer support.

But these quality services can be expensive. Clients pay $775 for PR Newswire's premium press release distribution package. If they want a more long-term arrangement, it costs much more than that. One customer reported spending $7000 for a bulk press release package from PR Newswire.

Despite their excellent customer support, it can be tricky to find prices for PR Newswire’s services that allow a basic comparison to other companies. But it’s probably a safe bet that their partnership program requires a substantial investment from the businesses that adopt it.

This model appears to be somewhat unique among PR companies, although there are smaller companies that have their own methods of building long-term relationships with businesses.

A small press release distribution called Press Release Jet offers a bulk rate of $775 for 12 press releases….more specifically, for 10 press releases with two freebies thrown in.

This plan seems like a simple and transparent way to build relationships with businesses.

Unlike the pricing for various programs at PRNewswire, Press Release Jet clearly advertises its prices and spells out exactly what clients can expect from its standard and premium packages.

For example, a premium press release distribution package includes placement in over 375 media sites and guaranteed syndication in the top-tier news networks, services that are comparable to those offered in the premium press release distribution package at PR Newswire. Premium distribution from Press Release Jet costs $129, according to their website.

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