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If you’re a business owner, you know that your success depends on wise investment of your resources.

Any dollar amount that you can save gives you more freedom to achieve great results.

That’s why it’s essential for you to know upfront what you will be getting, and what you will be spending, whenever you contract for any kind of service for your business.

Publicity is no exception.

Some would say that you “get what you pay for,” and that if you want high-quality service, you must be willing to shell out top dollar for it. But this is not necessarily true.

When it comes to press release distribution companies, there is a wide variety of service available and an even wider range of prices.

Let’s look at one of the more popular press release distribution services, Marketwired.

By all accounts, the services offered by this company are top-notch. They have an impressive list of distribution channels, and also provide great online and social visibility. While syndication is not guaranteed, they average syndication is about 200 media sites.

The price that you will pay for these services is harder to discern, but most sources have found that it costs around $460 for a 400-word press release. In addition, you will pay $150 for every 100 words in excess of the limit. Other fees include $50 for adding a photo, $129 for search engine optimization, and $129 for each audio or video link.

As you can imagine, these prices can really add up, especially if you’re planning to use press release distribution as a routine component of your publicity campaign.Press Release Jet might just be the solution.

What if you could have all these services without the hefty price tag?

Our premium press release distribution service is just $129, just a tiny fraction of the amount charged by Marketwired. And we don’t charge extra for links, audio, video, or extra words.

As you can see, more expensive doesn’t always mean better. Be savvy with your budget and choose Press Release Jet.

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