How to Send a Press Release Manually via Email

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You would need to write your press release, making sure that it is proofread and edited for any grammatical or spelling errors. Ensure that the news release is newsworthy and communicates your message concisely and accurately.

Once the press release is ready, you would need to find media contacts to newspapers, major news sites and media outlets in areas where you want to expand your business. Contact the editors and journalists that you think may be interested in your press release.

When sending your press release via email, make sure you enter your press release into the message body as oppose to an attachment because the editors and journalists may delete your email without reading if it requires them to download any attachments or involve additional steps.

Do not mass mail your recipients and never BCC a list of media editors. They will delete it. Send your press release one by one and make sure it is to the point.

Sending a press release manually can be very time consuming and unless your press release is ground breaking news, it may not see the light of day. This is where Press Release Jet come in and does all that for you at an affordable price starting at $25 for Standard Press Release Distribution, saving you time to do other things to build your business.

However, if you do decide to send your press release manually, we recommend Media Contacts List for finding contacts of editors and journalists at major newspapers, publications, TV & radio shows and online news sites. Their lists are comprehensive, accurate and cost effective - starting at just $69 - and will save you an incredible amount of time, in contrast to trying to locate these contacts yourself.


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