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Cracking the Mystery of Business Wire Pricing

As a business owner, you carefully consider every line of your budget. Every expense must be justified in terms of its return on the investment.

For that reason, clear and accessible information about pricing for any services you employ is important.

Press release distribution can yield a fantastic return on your investment. By reaching out to reporters and journalists, you can build positive PR that will attract new customers and seal the loyalty of existing ones. Search engine optimization and social media sharing ensure that your press release will be the one of the first things to come up when a potential customer searches the Internet.

But depending on which press release distribution company you use, press release distribution can be costly.

One of the most popular press release distribution companies is Business Wire. This company offers many tools to get your press release to the attention of the media. They have hundreds of subscribing journalists and distribute to premium news outlets. They also increase the likelihood that your press release will be shared by allowing the inclusion of photos and video.

What might be your actual return on investment for these services? That’s difficult to calculate, because Business Wire does not publish its prices. According the FAQ section on their website: “The cost of each press release is based on its length and the circuit to which you send it. Each of our geographic has a base price for the first 400 words of your press release, with an additional cost for each additional 100 words or increment. Our newsrooms can provide you with an estimated cost for each press release before releasing it over the wire.”

If budgeting matters to you, this kind of vague pricing information is not particularly helpful.

As a point of information to guide you in this decision, most customers report spending about $760 per press release when using Business Wire, with an additional $195 for every 100 words above the 400 word limit. If this exceeds your PR budget, you may find it a shock.

There are no pricing surprises with Press Release Jet. Our prices and the services that we offer are clearly spelled out on our pricing page to guide you as you make budgeting decisions. Our premium press release distribution package costs just $129. At this price, we distribute to over 375 media sites, including all the top-tier news networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW. We have no word limit or hidden costs.

For an excellent return on your investment, go ahead and submit an online order for a press release today.

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