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Business Wire provides a number of tools to get your news out. Their “Smart Release” program can increase the likelihood that press releases will be shared through the use of multimedia such as video and high-resolution photos. They provide full coverage on popular social media platforms. They are also known for their helpful 24-hour support staff.

There is no doubt that press releases can be an excellent tool to boost PR for your business.

But in more recent news, some question whether Business Wire’s services are worth the money.

Although pricing information is not readily available, most customers report spending $760 for the first 400 words of a press release, with $195 for every 100 words after that. According to its website, prices may vary based on geographic area.

Although some may consider this to be a worthwhile investment, there are other options that are equally effective but less costly.

The Press Release Jet website discloses detailed information about its pricing and services. Our premium press release distribution package offers many of the same services as Business Wire: social media sharing, embedding of multimedia, and distribution to over 375 media sites.

These premium services cost only $129 per press release, just a small fraction of the price of equivalent services from Business Wire. This price is clearly communicated on their website, along with the precise services that are included.

In addition, Press Release Jet has an unlimited word count at no extra charge.

While Press Release Jet does not offer the assistance of an editorial staff, we do provide a resources page with industry-related articles as well as many others about press release format and SEO. Consider these resources your free class on the art of press release writing, rendering editorial assistance unnecessary.

It’s wise to be well-informed about your choices when making PR decisions. Press Release Jet will get your news out to the media at a budget-friendly price.

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