The Blockchain is the public ledger that powers cryptocurrencies. It is the record of who owns how many units of each cryptocurrency and the history of that unit. This is what keeps cryptocurrencies fair to all users as there is no way to “double spend” a unit on the Blockchain. Computers “mine” the cryptocurrency by verifying credits and debits of the cryptocurrency across all users.

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The Blockchain is permanent and public

It is not all that well known for people new to cryptocurrencies that the Blockchain is permanent and it is public. Anyone can read the information in each transaction recorded on the Blockchain. Each transaction can contain information other than just the credit/debit and date of transaction. Contracts, licenses, and more are often being embedded into the Blockchain of cryptocurrencies by users.

Considering the Blockchain is public and permanent it is becoming more and more accepted by legal professionals and government offices as a form of public notice. Press Release Jet works with cryptocurrencies and can bring that level of understanding to your business as your Blockchain PR agency.

Understanding cryptocurrencies requires understanding the Blockchain powering it

Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain that powers them are intrinsically connected. Without the Blockchain there would be no cryptocurrency because it would not be a crypto currency. The Blockchain forces the cryptocurrency to be secure and safe for users. As a Blockchain PR agency,Press Release Jet understand this small, easily forgotten, detail when dealing with cryptocurrencies. The Blockchain can open new possibilities for companies that have not even been thought of yet. Press Release Jet brings that experience for each client we work with.

We mentioned contracts already which is a very popular way of using Blockchain technology. Another is to embed copyright and trademark information.

Going forward with cryptocurrencies improves your future

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Just accepting cryptocurrency is not enough

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