Bitcoin press releases need to be as unique as the people that use the cryptocurrency. Your company is probably quite unique to others in your niche, we get that. We work with a wide variety of companies and individuals that are involved with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies daily. It is our job to make your press release rock and convert readers into customers.

Bitcoin press releases are not normal press releases

We are the leading PR company in the world for a reason. We understand the uniqueness of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We are the first PR company to take the plunge and work within this emerging market. This knowledge and company placement has given us an unprecedented understanding of Bitcoin from several angles. The most important angle is that Bitcoin is unique, and your press release must be just as unique to catch the eye of customers.

Bitcoin is only growing and so should you

Growing a business is tough, accepting a brand-new payment method like Bitcoin is tough, just being inbusiness is tough. Why? Bringing in customers to support your business are your number one priority. Bitcoin is still new, so it is easier to stand out by accepting it. A well written press release letting the world know that you accept Bitcoin is key to bringing those customers in.

More to press releases than just words

A press release is so much more than just words. Quality is what will elevate your press release above your competition and reach the customers you seek. Press Release Jet brings together the best writers in the world, writers that know their craft and produce quality day in and day out. UnderstandingBitcoin and other cryptocurrenciesdeeply is key to being able to produce great press releases. Our team is well qualified for this task.

Distribution Matters

Press Release Jet is your affordable distribution service. We also write, edit, and handle other areas of getting your press release out to the media. We are good at what we do. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Our clients are often repeat customers because our distribution methods are not matched anywhere else. This means your press release distribution is maximized the first time and reaches your target audience via media partners around the globe. We love what we do, and it shows in how we handle PR for our clients. Don’t you want to work with someone that loves their work as much as you love your own? Contact us today and let’s make your next press release a success.

Reputation Matters

There is a difference between sending a press release versus releasing a press release. Anyone can release a press release. That is as simple as making it available somewhere. Sending a press release is the art of getting your press release seen, noticed, and picked up by media outlets. It is pointless to release a press release without any kind of marketing power behind it, without any support to follow up on that press release. This requires a PR company that has a powerful reputation in the market and is trusted by media outlets. Press Release Jet is that PR company, we have the media strength to get your press release not only released but picked up and covered by major media partners.

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