Best Day to Send a Press Release

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"Some people say the best day and time to send a press release is at 9AM on a Monday or Tuesday but let’s think about that for a second. If everybody believes that is the best day and time to send out a press release, what do you think will happen? The journalists will get flooded with a ton of press releases during those times and the best day and time to send a press release is now the worst day and time," said CEO of Press Release Jet.

"Now, I know some of you guys have probably been told that if there is bad news, submit it on a Friday afternoon. In the today’s digital age with search engines and social media picking up news virtually instantaneously, bad news will get around regardless".

The Press Release Jet ambassador noted that while there is not a best day to send a press release, there is a “worst day” to send a press release.

"Most people work Monday through Friday and this is no exception to the bulk of journalists, editors and media staff members. During the weekends, you have a much smaller crew working so the chances of your press release getting lost in the pile goes up, unless you have some earth shattering, ground breaking news for them. The best advice I can give is focus on the newsworthiness of your story and making sure that it is interesting so it catches the attention of the media".

In conclusion, the best days to send a press release is Monday through Friday — do not send a press release on the weekends.

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