Are Press Releases Dead for SEO?

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"One of the things to clarify is that free press releases are dead. You have tons of overseas folks cranking out low quality, keyword stuffed content that only sits on a handful of websites. Google knows this. However, that is not to say that press releases are dead. As a matter of fact, we work closely with several Internet marketing agencies with reputable clients that leverage our service for their SEO strategy and campaigns," said Yan S. Huang, founder and CEO of Press Release Jet.

"If this was a live broadcast, you would probaly have a few handful thousand SEO's that is ready to," continues Yan S. Huang motioning a loose around his neck, "But before you do that, I must say there is a blog from an SEO. His name is Adam Chioua and he wrote a nice article clarifying some of the misnomers that Matt Cutts, the head of web spam at Google, have spilled out over the years. More specifically, the guy tells you the truth but not the whole truth, often times. Now I love Matt Cutts and he serves a really critical role in the community, which is to deter shady marketers from taking advantage of their search algorithm, but take his technical SEO advice with a grain of salt."

"I would say the majority of back links from sending a press release are 'nofollow' links meaning Google says they do not count them but the truth is that Google still sees these and most SEOs would argue that they do count. More concretely though, a significant amount of the back links are indeed 'dofollow' links and I have proof. [pulls a screenshot from his phone] The proof is in the pudding," stated Yan S. Huang.

We have provided a screenshot Google Webmaster Tools that one of our clients provided, as proof that Google acknowledges back links from press releases. We have edited out the client's personal information. Below is the screenshot:

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