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Press Release Writing for Your Amazon Product: Guidelines and Examples

Press release writing is a valuable weapon in your publicity arsenal, but not everyone knows how to use it the right way. Hundreds of press releases show up in the inboxes of media professionals every day, and many of these will simply be ignored.

So what to do?

Press Release Jet has a variety of great resources to guide you in the process of crafting a quality press release. You can find tips on search engine optimization, choosing a topic, and targeting your press release to a particular industry.

If you are still stuck, it may be helpful to look at an example. Here are a few samples of Amazon product press releases to give you some ideas for writing your own.

Action verbs are powerful

In this press release announcing the release of a new book, the headline is calculated to draw attention. The words “igniting passion” scream that this is not just an ordinary book. However, the headline also gets right to the point. It says exactly what the press release is about: the launch of a new book about STEM. It even hints at what the book is like. Anyone searching for an inspiring book about STEM in education will feel compelled to stop and take a look.

The opening paragraph builds on the headline with more strong action verbs, like “inspire,” “connect,” “encourage,” “highlight,” etc. In addition, this paragraph gives an excellent explanation of the “newsworthiness” of the story, illuminating the reasons that it’s important: namely, that women are underrepresented in STEM fields, and the stories in this book can encourage more young women to pursue them.

As you begin crafting your own press release, think about strong verbs to make your headline and first paragraph as memorable as possible. And always keep your eye on the newsworthy elements of the story.

Compelling details

In this TV series announcement, the writer gives a few details about the plot of aTV show to pique interest in it. Even better, it provides a direct quote from one of the main actors: “The Ave highlights things that they don't talk about in Brownsville: generational curses, suicide, depression, peer pressure," and added that all the entertainment was "Brooklyn style." These details help readers understand what the series is about, and also gives them a compelling inside view from a key stakeholder. This quote makes readers feel connected with the product and possibly more drawn to trying it.

Try coming up with a quote from you or from another key stakeholder that makes your product announcement seem more personal. It’s a great way to connect with your audience.

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The power of numbers

Although not really an announcement of a product, this Amazon press release about third quarter sales is an excellent example of how you can incorporate press release distribution in telling the story of your product. The numbers are the most dramatic part of this news story: “Net sales increased 34% to $43.7 billion in the third quarter, compared with $32.7 billion in third quarter 2016.” Numbers like these are a concrete way of showing the difference between where a company was in the past and where it is now. The press release goes on to explain exactly how this company achieved this success with specific examples like the acquisition of Whole Foods and the release of numerous Alexa products.

It might take some digging, but you can also find some numbers which tell the story of the growth of your business. If potential customers see such concrete evidence of your success, they will be more motivated to check out your product.

Who are you?

In the concluding paragraph of this book release announcement, we learn key background information about the author, Velma Trayham. We are informed of her credentials (CEO of Thinkzilla with experience in marketing). Links to her business and personal website are included so that readers know exactly where to find more information about her and her book if they desire.

In your conclusion, let your audience know about your credentials and qualifications, and past successes of your company. This gives you more credibility with your audience. Don’t forget to clearly specify where readers can go to find out more.

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A clear call to action

This product announcement from Amazon gives clear direction and motivation for potential customers to seek out the product. Customers learn that they can pre-order the Cloud Cam, and they can see exactly what the price is. They know there is a choice between a single, a two-pack, or a three-pack and the various pricing tiers are clearly designated. There is also a clear timeline, starting “today” and finishing November 8, followed by a link to the product listing. Anyone considering purchasing the Cloud Cam now knows exactly how much it costs, what they’ll get, when they must order it, and when it will arrive. Such clarity simplifies things for your readers and potential customers, who don’t have to do any research to find out these key details. A simpler shopping experience may make them more keen to try the product.

While the goal of a press release is to report a news story rather than advertise a product, you do want to make it easy for readers to purchase your product should they decide to do so. To that end, make it as clear as possible in terms of special pricing and the timing of promotions. Provide a link to your Amazon listing and to your business website, so that it’s easy for readers to find your product and learn more about it.

“What if I’m still stuck?”

A little guidance can go a long way. Hopefully one of the press releases referenced above can serve as a model so that you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” when writing a news story about your product.

However, if you are still held hostage to writer’s block, there is another solution!

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With just a little help, you have the power to take full advantage of the many benefits that press release distribution has for your product.

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