A Template for Your Next Amazon Press Release

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A press release is an important weapon in your battle to publicize the product you’re selling on Amazon.

How can a press release help you?

With so many digital tools at our disposal, it can be difficult to be heard above the noise when promoting a new product. With effective press release distribution, you improve your chances of getting the media’s attention and generating the right amount of “buzz.”

It can also clarify your thinking about the newsworthy elements of your product.  What problem will it solve? Why do consumers need it? Why is this product different from all others on the market?

In fact, press release writing and distribution are such a potential boost to sales that  Amazon even asks their product developers to write an internal press release before their product is created. This is part of their customer-centered “working backwards” model. They work on developing and iterating the press release until it clearly reveals how this product will solve customer problems like no other can.

It’s definitely a good practice to think about the “newsworthiness” of your product when you’re ready to promote it. The backwards design of an Amazon press release can help you do that.

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But there’s one problem.

You don’t even know where to start.

You sit in front of your computer screen staring at the blinking cursor thinking: “Ok. Working backwards. Solving customer problems.” The pressure is on and you feel some pretty serious writer’s block coming on.

If only you had an example or a template to guide you, the task would be so much easier.

We can help.

Here is a handy template to look at the next time you want to craft a press release about an Amazon product.

  1. Headline. This is probably the most important part of your press release! Keep it brief, punchy, and compelling. Above all, make sure that your headline clearly names your product and states what it is going to do. Reporters often just scan headlines to determine newsworthiness, so don’t waste your chance to signal that your product is worth reading about.
  2. Consider a strong subhead. Although not a necessity, a subhead can function to expand your headline. Make sure it adds more information rather than restating. One idea is to identify the market for your product and simply state what customers are going to get out of it.
  3. Opening paragraph. If your headline catches a reporter’s eye, this is your opportunity to catch and hold interest. Provide all relevant details about your product. Be sure to share the specific ways that customers will benefit from using your product and the problem that it solves. Ask yourself what you would want the reader to know if this paragraph were the only thing that they read. (Let’s hope that’s not the case, though.)
  4. Use data and statistics to clearly demonstrate the problem and the solution. Do some quick research to find some facts about the problem solved by your product. Whether it’s purpose is to ease back pain or soothe crying infants, you can find data showing how this problem affects the general population, portraying your product as the solution. A good way to get to the heart of the problems faced by your target customers is to use the Five Whys Technique; ask yourself a series of questions that determine the symptoms and causes of the root problem.
  5. Flesh out the remaining paragraphs with some good quotes. Have you already received positive reviews from customers? These would be great to include in your press release. Do you have an official company spokesperson who can say something meaningful about the product? Quotes bring your news to life, providing a human element.
  6. Give some background information on your company. Whether small or large, details about your company give context to the product that you’re selling. What other products are you known for? What is your mission? A brief bio of key players can add interest, too.
  7. Finish with a strong call to action. Give some clear direction for reporters and potential customers as to how they can learn more about your product or begin using it.

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A few more tips.

  • Write your Amazon press release in layman’s terms that can be clearly understood by anyone.  Avoid technical jargon.
  • Keep an objective tone. Write your press release in the third person. Remember that it’s meant to be a news story, not an advertisement.
  • Stick to the facts. Avoid exaggeration and embellishment.
  • Keep your paragraphs short, about 3-4 sentences.

But you can make this even easier.

Even with all these guidelines, you’ve probably already figured out that crafting an Amazon press release is a fairly complex process. While the potential benefits definitely make it worthwhile, it is a considerable investment of your time to do it the right way.

Have you considered hiring a professional?

Our PR Copywriter service has professional press release writers on staff who can write your Amazon press release and have it returned to you within 2-3 business days.

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With a professionally-written press release distributed to top media channels and news outlets, you can’t fail to get your Amazon product into the public eye with very little effort or expense on your part.

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So don’t neglect press release writing and distribution as some of the most efficient weapons in your arsenal to connect the public with your new Amazon product.

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