Does 1888 Press Release Really Work?

The idea of getting something for free is always alluring.

For example, 1888 Press Release promises that its free service will get your story out to journalists and media professionals simply through a little SEO magic.

But can you really get such great service for free?

To answer this, we looked carefully at the benefits offered by 1888 Press Release. And it seems that there aren’t least in the free version.

While they do promise search engine optimization of your press release, this isn’t helpful at all if it isn’t distributed anywhere. With 1888 Press Release’s free plan, your website will not get distributed to social media, top news networks, or Google News. You also won’t be able to upload images or video, critical components of SEO and visual appeal. Even the next rung on the ladder from free (their Gold plan, costing $15 per press release) doesn’t offer any of these critical services.

In fact, these cheap/free offers are just there to tantalize. They lure you in with this sweet deal just so they can tempt you into upgrading to more expensive service.

Even the next pricing tier, the Diamond Plan for $50 per press release, does not offer demonstrably more benefits than the cheaper plans. To access the full range of 1888 Press Release’s services, you have to pay $150-$249 for their Ultimate or Ultimate Plus packages. At this price, your press release will be distributed to Google News and to social media platforms. But even at this cost, they do not guarantee that your press release will be syndicated in any major news networks.

If you’re looking for a true bargain for great service, go with Press Release Jet for the distribution of your next press release.

We offer you guaranteed syndication to all the top-tier news networks for just $129. That includes ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, and Bing and Google News. We distribute to a total of more than 375 media sites. You can link or embed images or video at no extra charge.

The bottom line is that we give you a lot more service for a lot less money.

Free isn’t always better. There are times when paying a low price can give more bang for your buck.

This is definitely one of those times.

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