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News Releases Raises $6.2 Million Seed Funding, Launches Open Beta of Groundbreaking Immersive 360° VR eSports Platform for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2 announced the close of a $6.2 million seed round of equity funding and the open beta launch of its eSports entertainment platform.  Built with cutting-edge, patented technology,
Drawing on Frontline Industry Pros, Woodbury University Animation Department Forms Advisory Board
In an effort to keep both the university and the Southern California creative community in the forefront of the industry, Woodbury University today announced that its Animation Department has formed a
SynAudCon Digital Seminar 2016
Upcoming seminar SynAudCon Digital will be held in the Los Angeles, CA area on September 26th – 28th 2016. This will precede the AES Scheduled Conference starting on September 29th, 2016. The SynAudCon
Locally Filmed Indy Movie 'Misfortune' Premiere Screening in Tucson, AZ - August 26 to September 2, 2016
Gunnison Galaxy Films is pleased to announce that our award-winning independent film, 'Misfortune,' filmed entirely on location in Tucson and surrounding area, will have its first commercial
Youfit Health Clubs® Steps Up To Take Down Childhood Illness
On September 17, 2016, members of Youfit® Health Clubs all around the country will come together to participate in a local 5K turned national. Youfit’s expansion of the Citrix 6th Annual Miami
Not Heard or Seen! Tranquil - Discreet Noise Cancellation on the Ear with Multiple Modes
Tranquil was designed to give you the luxury of being able to cancel out unwanted noises with a device that is unnoticeable even to the person sitting right next to you. Tranquil's multiple
Knowledge is Power: The Key to Boosting the Design Economy is Not About Technology, Ideas or even Money
As a new wave of small design agencies spring into being and micro-agency founders begin to hit the same obstacles, a new podcast - Perspective FM - aims to fill the knowledge gap. Brutally honest, practical
Now Launching WTB Music “Where They Believe”
Where They Believe Music is a new record company in New York City by Al Pizarro and Manny Gerald. WTB Music is Where they believe in their artist and will help you achieve your goals, they know what it
LigerUSA Launches Universal Waterproof Case
LigerUSA has just launched its new Universal Waterproof Case on Amazon. This case is compatible with almost any device, including the Apple iPhone 6S Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
Oembox to Exhibit at CTIA Super Mobility 2016
Oembox, a wholesale cell phone parts company, will be exhibiting at the CTIA Super Mobility 2016, the largest mobile event in America and the best place for everything wireless. This event will
Guided by Student Research, Woodbury University College of Liberal Arts Presents Global Hunger Foundation Grants to MEND, Leah’s Pantry/San Diego
 As “food insecurity” emerges as a concern on-campus and off, Woodbury University’s College of Liberal Arts has awarded two social service agencies in Los Angeles and San Diego with
Losing just 10 pounds for many people can have a number of positive effects not only physically but also psychologically.   Local county, city and school district employees are receiving a special